Portfolio Optimization

Stakeholder:  Senior leadership who owns the growth portfolio and is accountable for realizing a return on R&D and other development investment.  Their challenge is to maintain a diversified development portfolio that balances the need for innovation, incremental product improvement, cost reduction programs, etc. 

All too often in our experience, actual portfolios are skewed too heavily toward one dimension, for example, having too many small, incremental projects and not enough BIG ideas.    

Service:  In addition to our Growth Strategy Alignment service, we also help clients assess the quality of their growth portfolios by providing metrics and best-practice benchmarks. 

Following our Imagine -> De-risk -> Adapt approach, we challenge managers to be more visionary in their portfolio selection, more proactive in testing and de-risking assumptions and to be more flexible in the allocation of resources.  If needed, we can also provide a framework for portfolio governance including, for example, how to kill bad bets, and how to integrate the portfolio management process with decisions at gate meetings (see Project Acceleration). 

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