Critical Assumption Planningsm (CAP)

Critical Assumption Planningsm (CAP) is the discipline that we have introduced to clients to help create alignment and encourage a discovery-driven approach to growth.  It is the engine running through each of our services and, we believe, is a prime differentiator of our consulting firm.

CAP is a five step process in which critical assumptions are identified and tested.  It is a scalable methodology that is applied to individual projects, products and businesses of all sizes.

CAP is an iterative process that optimizes the tradeoff between risk and investment.  As the iterations progress, the CAP process drives risk reduction in the least amount of time and at lowest cost. 

As a process that can link different groups within the organization and take knowledge sharing to a new level, CAP has itself been tested and refined over hundreds of client engagements and in dozens of different industry settings over almost twenty years.

Additional Information

Product Development Management Association (PDMA) Visions Magazine Article: Lower Development Cost Through Critical Assumption Plannningsm

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