Project Acceleration

Stakeholder:  Project leaders and teams responsible for executing growth opportunities from concept through commercialization.  This includes R&D projects, new product and business ventures, sales and marketing programs and mergers and acquisitions.  

We find that cross-functional teams and company partnerships can, unknowingly, hold conflicting priorities during development projects reflecting their different departmental and company perspectives. This leads to slower progress as miscues occur on agendas, interdependencies, and timelines.

Service:  We partner with the team leader and team members to work through the Imagine -> De-Risk -> Adapt approach.  The team explores the full potential of the concept (Imagine), unearths and tests assumptions that could threaten the viability of the concept (De-risk) and develops contingency plans and options (Adapt).  At project completion, teams are focused on the right priorities so initiatives are completed quicker, resources are used more effectively and the team experiences less stress.

Investment Decision Meetings:  An additional service we offer is to lay out the framework, protocol and behavior for productive Stage Gate meetings.  We coach both sides - the senior team as venture capitalists and the project team as entrepreneurs - on how to move gate meetings beyond a mere progress report to a dialogue about assumptions, risks and contingency plans.  After our facilitation, both sides are better aligned and projects are, indeed, accelerated. studies

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