The CAP Consulting Group grew out of a desire among the partners to transfer the best practices of the venture capital world to the growth efforts of corporate businesses.  Venture capital is characterized by its high risk, high return business model and requires skills that balance risk taking and risk mitigation. It places bold bets but remains flexible to adaptation: 

For almost 20 years we have introduced this approach to corporate business development managers, new venture groups, new product development teams and R&D departments in small and very large companies in the U.S., Europe and Australia. 

Since the operating style of established companies is characterized by predictive, linear planning, it can be challenging for clients to adopt the iterative, exploratory approach that sustained growth requires.  But when they do, the effect can be transformational.  

For example:

  • Individual managers become more open to risk and to exploring growth ideas.

  • Management feels more connected to development projects.

  • The alignment between the two becomes more productive with clearer investment decisions, accelerated development and a higher success rate in the market. 




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