Growth Strategy Alignment Case Studies

     Medical Diagnostics

Client Challenge:  The medical diagnostics business of a pharmaceutical company acquired a rapidly growing start-up with a disruptive technology.  The newly appointed president recognized that he needed to align his integrated management team quickly around a single growth strategy.

CAP Consulting Service:  We introduced a new approach to planning that explored alternate growth strategies, de-risked key strategic assumptions and focused the senior team on an agreed set of fast-cycle action plans to test the assumptions.  We structured periodic progress reviews of test plans including adapting the senior leadership conference into a forum for proactive shared learning and strategy evolution. 

Discovery and Outcome: For five years, the client has consistently pursued this approach to planning. Despite a series of operational and macro economic disruptions, the business has managed to sustain double digit revenue and margin growth.

Medical Imaging

Client Challenge:  The medical imaging group of a global photography company was considering acquiring a start-up that had a unique scanning technology. 

CAP Consulting Service:  Partnering with the business development team, we explored the market and investment assumptions, tested them and developed a set of valuation models reflecting relative risk. When presented to senior management, the ensuing discussion of risk tolerance led to a full-blown examination of the company’s growth strategy facilitated by CAP Consulting.  

Discovery and Outcome:  The criteria for growth were revised following the strategy review and the company decided against moving forward with the acquisition.

   Telecom Manufacturing

Client Challenge:   A leading supplier of B2B telecommunications equipment had successfully migrated to internet-based solutions and was now considering its next strategic move.

CAP Consulting Service:  With the senior team, we explored alternative growth strategies ranging from the safe to the big and ‘hairy’.  We laid out the key assumptions behind each strategy and the management team concluded that there was a potentially lethal assumption underlying all strategic options relating to customer needs. We then partnered with the development manager to design and run the test program for this assumption. 

Discovery and Outcome:  A new customer segmentation was discovered, fresh customer needs emerged and, ultimately, a new marketing strategy was adopted centered on distributor partners.